Community Update

Community updateThe Carrigaline Western Relief Road project is being undertaken by Bam Civil Ltd. on behalf of Cork County Council with construction activities due to commence in April 2021 and will continue for 18 months.

This critical infrastructure development is required to relieve traffic congestion along the Main Street and to facilitate the ongoing development of the town.

Every effort will be made to minimize disruption during the construction works and we don’t envisage any adverse effect on your day to day activities. Nevertheless, we shall endeavour to engage with the local community at all times to keep you up to date on progress, project news and upcoming temporary traffic management arrangements.

In order to provide such information, a specific project website has been setup here.

We have also appointed a Community Liaison Officer, Jack Walsh. Jack can be contacted at the following details if you have any queries.

087 6977538


Carrigaline Western Relief Road – Construction Progress Video May 2022

Description: The Carrigaline Western Relief Road scheme involves the provision of an urban relief road of 750 metres in length.

It also incorporates and completes Soccer Club Road, 690 metres in length.

The urban relief road includes the construction of a new double span bridge over the Owenboy River and 3 new signalised junctions. The roadway incorporates a cycleway and pedestrian infrastructure as a key active travel measure.

It allows for further development of lands to the west of main street, including significant housing expansion. It is the key enabler of the future development plans for Main Street, Carrigaline.

The project is funded by Cork County Council and the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage through the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF).


May Works:
  • Earthworks complete;
  • Retaining walls complete;
  • Bridge complete;
  • M&E fitout to pumping stations complete – awaiting commissioning;
  • Continued drainage works;
  • Continued watermain works;
  • Gasmain complete;
  • Continued upgrade works to Soccer Club Road;
  • Continued utilities side wide;
  • Continued kerbing site wide;
  • Pavement works commenced;
  • Continued Tie works at Ballea Road and Kilmoney Road;
  • Continued landscaping works;
  • Safety Barrier complete;
  • Continued footpaths and finishes;


June Works:

  • Commence public lighting;
  • Commence traffic lights;
  • Commission pumping stations;
  • Complete watermains;
  • Complete drainage works;
  • Continue fencing;
  • Continue footpaths and finishes;
  • Continue pavement works;
  • Continue kerbing;
  • Continue Tie in works at Ballea and Kilmoney;


Other News:

    • Roadworks on Ballea Road with lane restrictions during off peak hours – next 2 weeks
    • Roadworks on Kilmoney Road with lane restrictions during off peak hours – next week and STOP/GO in operation from Monday 4th July for 1 week

    If you require any further information, you can contact us at the following details: Email to TEXT MESSAGE TO 087 6977538

Other News:

Well done to all on the staff on the Carrigaline Western Relief Road site for contributing so many boxes of food donations to the Carrigaline & District Lions Club Food Appeal.