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Scheme Overview

Having secured €6.4 Million, from Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage under the Urban Regeneration & Development Fund, for the delivery of the Carrigaline Western Relief Road, Cork County Council, working with BAM, will commence construction in April 2021.

Carrigaline is the biggest town in County Cork and the Western Relief Road is a critical piece of infrastructure required to relieve traffic congestion on Main Street and allow the ongoing development of the town. The Western Relief Road will be 750m in length and will include a new bridge to cross the Owenabue River. The CWRR will open up lands for development, adjacent to Main Street, that will assist in consolidating the town centre. An important element of the scheme is the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists being provided throughout. The pedestrian and cycle facilities on the CWRR will link with those on the Soccer Club Road, that will be completed and opened as part of this scheme. These facilities will link residential areas to the west of the town with the town centre itself by means of safe, high quality corridors. These facilities will become a valuable amenity to the people of Carrigaline once complete.